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Our Story

Step into the realm of transformative experiences with Kinetic Culture. We specialize in curating unparalleled moments on a global stage, offering a wealth of expertise dedicated to creating unforgettable stories.

Imagine a world where marketing isn't just a strategy but an immersive experience, where thought leadership doesn't follow the crowd but leads the way, and in-person activations transcend mere events to become captivating adventures. We're not here to fit in; we're here to stand out.

Welcome to Kinetic Culture, where innovation meets engagement, and every moment becomes an unforgettable story.  


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Every symphony needs a conductor, and at Kinetic Culture, that role is embodied by our founder, Jason Whitcomb. A maestro of experiential marketing magic, Jason brings over 15 years of  expertise to craft unforgettable brand stories. His unorthodox journey involves orchestrating high-profile NFL events, spearheading diversity initiatives at Cisco, and constructing Logitech's Global B2B event strategy from the ground up. He's your creative partner in crime, injecting innovation into every project he touches.

Unlike your typical strategist, Jason thrives on cultivating multi-channel marketing campaigns that cut through the noise, achieving results that captivate attention. His commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion isn't a buzzword – it's intricately woven into every strategy session. At Kinetic Culture, Jason becomes your guide to immersive narratives, from hosting dynamic events to spearheading cutting-edge virtual campaigns that not only engage but also leave a lasting social impact.

The      Collective

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At Kinetic Culture, we take pride in our dynamic team of professionals dedicated to delivering unparalleled experiential marketing solutions. Our 'Kinetic Collective' comprises a diverse bench of over 50 industry experts, each a seasoned specialist in their respective domains. From brand strategists and creative masterminds to event planners and digital marketing gurus, our extended network is primed and ready to seamlessly integrate with our core team, ensuring that we have the right talent to meet the unique needs of any project.

What sets us apart is not just the number of experts in our network, but the depth of their experience and the collaborative spirit they bring. These professionals have a proven track record of success in the ever-evolving landscape of experiential marketing. Whether it's orchestrating large-scale events, crafting innovative brand experiences, or navigating the latest trends in technology and consumer behavior, our Kinetic Collective stands ready to contribute their insights and skills to elevate your brand's presence.

Rest assured, when you partner with Kinetic Culture, you gain access not only to our in-house team but to a rich pool of talent that can be seamlessly pulled in at any time. This flexibility ensures that we can adapt swiftly to the unique demands of your business, delivering exceptional results with the collective power of our Kinetic Culture family.


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